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Re-branding the Bulk SMS system

To learn more about using Bulk SMS system with your own software and see working code examples, Click Here
It is possible to re-brand our Bulk SMS system with your own logos, titles, footer text, etc. You are able to remove all the references to and replace that with your own. You are even able to change the domain name used to access this system and use your own. After rebranding, you can create your own sub-users and manage them. You are then able to credit these sub-users on your own.
To access the re-branding page, login to our system, got to Settings, then Manage Site. This is the only page that you will ever use to re-brand this system.

After filling this form and saving it, you can start accessing your re-branded system using the domain name which you specified in this form. Remember, this domain name should point to our IP address:

Important fields on the Manage Site form

  • Domain name

    This is your own domain name. If you have a domain name called and you want your sub-users to access your re-branded Bulk SMS system from, all you need to do is send the request below to who ever is hosting your domain:

    Dear ...
    Kindly change the DNS records of and point the A record of this domain to

    If you want the system to be accessed on, indicate that accordingly on the instruction. Remember, you do not need to pay web hosting fees to achieve this. We are already hosting this system. If you do not have a domain already, all you need is to pay a Domain Registration Fee of $10 per year. We use Webdev for our own domain registration. ( Once you register your domain, you can then send an email to requesting the above.

  • Website title

    This is the text that will appear in your browser as the title of your website. If you know HTML, this text is used bu the <TITLE> tag.

  • Website name

    This is the text that will appear on the top menu as the name of the website. On the screenshot, my Website name is Bulk SMS Web in big font on the blue menu.

  • Website URL

    This is the URL which you should be taken to when the Website name is clicked. This can be to your main website.

  • Logo URL

    This is the URL to your logo. This will be used to show your own logo when you login to the system. You should be able to access your image before you use it in on this form. For example, you can access our logo from this URL: If you copy this url and paste it in the browser, you will access our logo. Take note of the http:// This is important. You should be able to do the same with your own logo.

  • Layout Footer

    This is the text that will appear as the footer of your rebranded Bulk SMS system. It will overide our own footer.

Use of Smart Phones with Bulk SMS

Our Bulk SMS system is fully compatible with smart phones. It was designed to display efficiently on both desktop, tablets and smart phones. Its now possible to use your smart phone for anything that you want to do in the system. Allowing you to be productive even when you are out of the office or on the go. BUT, just DON'T use this system while you drive!

Why is SMS good for you?

  • The personal nature of mobile phones make SMS marketing a very powerful tool. Basic Phone image
  • Most people take their mobile phones everywhere - meaning they can be effective for time sensitive messages.
  • People tend to read virtually every text they get - unlike junk mail, spam or adverts which can be ignored.
  • It's a direct, immediate communication channel. SMS is one of the most immediate channels available; with a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes delivery, you can be reassured that your time critical messages will be read almost instantly.
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